The difference between ordinary brick-concrete structure and light steel house structure

1. Different design costs
Nowadays, the owner of the self-built house, which is slightly pursued, will spend money to find a professional architectural design company to design their own house. There are also ready-made drawings available for purchase on the market, but generally only partially meet your own wishes, and once you want to change, you will have to spend money. Desseo has many years of industry experience. From contact with customers to drawings, it is generally about ten working days. The main design also considers the decoration plan. The simple design saves the cost of the second design, and we design the products tailored to the customers. The program does not charge design fees!

2. Difference in area calculation
Traditional buildings generally calculate the cost based on the projected area of ​​the eaves drip.
Desaiou Light Steel Villa only calculates the building area of ​​the outer wall of the package. The projected area of ​​the drip of all the eaves and the floor area of ​​the terrace above the second floor do not calculate the cost, saving a large cost. For example, a villa covering an area of ​​15m×12m, the projected area of ​​the dripping water around the eaves is about 27 square meters, and the terrace is generally 20 square meters. According to the material and construction cost, Desaiou Light Steel Villa can save 80270 yuan.

3. Differences in foundation costs
We know that the heavier the building, the higher the basic requirements. Because all materials are light materials, Desaiou light steel structure itself is light weight, only 1/5 of the brick-concrete structure and 1/6 of the steel-concrete structure. Therefore, the strip foundation can be used, which greatly reduces the cost of the foundation. . Double-layer light steel structure houses are dug 400mm-600mm deep below the ground, and 240mm-300mm high structural ring beams can be placed above the ground. In some mountains, hills, desert areas, light steel structures do not require special foundation treatment, and the basic cost of light steel villas in the same area is about one-third that of brick-concrete structures.

4. Different construction costs
The construction of Desaiou light steel structure houses is industrialized with high speed and speed. The construction period is more than half of that of brick-concrete houses. The structure can be completed from two months to the outside and the built-in buildings (300-400 square meters). The construction of light steel structure houses is less affected by weather and seasons, and can be carried out under various climatic conditions to achieve uninterrupted construction throughout the year and reduce the cost of on-site transportation and hoisting.

5. the use of different areas
The area utilization rate of brick-concrete houses is generally around 75%, while the use rate of Desaiou light steel structure houses is over 90%. Take 500 flat houses as an example. If the average cost of brick-concrete houses is 1100 yuan per square meter, the implied cost is 82,500 yuan.

6. the difference in post-maintenance costs
Exterior wall decoration and insulation: 300px wall insulation and sound insulation effect of Desaiou light steel structure house is equivalent to the insulation and sound insulation effect of 1m thick brick and concrete house. After the brick-concrete houses are built, for the sake of better appearance and heat preservation effect, it is often necessary to additionally make exterior decoration and external wall insulation, and the light steel structure houses are in place at one time, and no secondary expenses are involved.

7. the difference in time cost
In a fast-paced modern life, time is money, and time cost cannot be estimated. All the green building materials of the light steel villa are modularized and produced in one-stop distribution. The on-site assembly speed is fast, and the dry construction can be carried out simultaneously with the interior and exterior decoration. A 300-flat villa can be packed in the package for about two months, which greatly saves customers' waiting time. The customer does not have to worry about the scene and handle his career with peace of mind. , normal arrangement of family life.

8. the difference in the cost of use
Desaiou light steel structure houses are much better than brick-and-mortar houses in terms of earthquake resistance, sound insulation, heat preservation, moisture resistance and heat insulation. The house itself has constant temperature and humidity regulation function, energy saving reaches 65% national green standard, and energy-saving appliances are used. The cost of air conditioning and heating will be greatly reduced.

9. the difference in health costs
In fact, many people do not know that the red bricks we use are very harmful to the human body. After the actual measurement by experts, the red bricks are burned with helium and gamma rays. The gamma radiation rate of red brick is 25,03 ur / h. A house covered with red bricks is closed for one night and the helium content is measured up to 151 Baker/m3. Living in such an environment for a long time can cause genetic destruction of human cells. It is easy to induce various diseases. Desaiou light steel villas all adopt green and environmentally-friendly new building materials, zero formaldehyde, zero radiation, the wall has independent breathing function, no need to install fresh air system, and it is very comfortable in winter and cool in summer. It is an internationally recognized passive green building.

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