Light steel structure villa - house not afraid of earthquake

What a house that is not afraid of an earthquake looks like! ? Look at the CCTV video below and everything is clear!

Everyone often asks "Light Steel Villa" so good? Is it so strong? The author found a video of the 2011 CCTV CCTV "Approaching Science" column on how the "light steel villa" defended against the hurricane and earthquake in the United States, but told the story that the American hurricane made the local houses a mess, only 10 from China's "light steel villas" stand up! ! This column is explained in detail on this topic! Let's take a closer look at some of the advantages of a light steel structure villa.
Light steel villa adopts light steel keel as the main load-bearing structure of the villa. It has good self-weight and lightness, large ductility and strong deformation ability. It is a plastic material and has strong ability to resist horizontal loads. In the earthquake, it can be moderately deformed or oscillated. The whole structure is enhanced by the large amount of truss structure to enhance the overall rigidity and stability, and the mechanical properties of the steel are utilized to a large extent, which is one of the ideal building materials.

Wind loads and seismic loads are typical horizontal loads. According to the relevant specifications, the seismic design intensity of our structure is 9 degrees. Unless it is trapped, it will never collapse in the earthquake.

If you choose a light steel villa, the people in the earthquake zone are no longer afraid of the disaster at any time.

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